Video Services and Rates

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Video Services and Rates

A single camera concert video with audio from the recording setup (mine or the venues) is $350. This does not include any post-production beyond a simple untracked and non-authored transfer to Standard Definition DVD (or client-supplied media, if the HD files are desired), and also does not include audio services or expenses such as parking or mileage charges outside of NYC. Multiple cameras and post production fees will be quoted, dependent on the particulars of the project. Note that while I generally feed the audio from my setup into at least 1 of the video cameras (if it is physically possible), a post-production synchronization of the digital audio is superior to the cameras' analog audio circuitry. Synchronization is not included in the video production fee (recording), and the cost will depend on the number of cameras that require synchronization.

Rates for Commercial DVD shoots and multiple camera archival shoots will be quoted upon discussion of the project requirements and examination of the venue, if necessary (same fee as noted on the audio services page). Note that if the venue looks inadequate, the result will be an inadequate video. If the lighting is poor, the video will be too dark. Lights can be rented; fees for such equipment are the responsibility of the client (I will arrange it), must be paid directly to the rental house, and must be decided 48 hours before the event. Also note that the number of cameras is directly proportional to the creativity of the final product; a 5 camera shoot yields many more possibilities and a more professional result than a single camera or 2 camera shoot. Therefore, please carefully consider your goals prior to deciding the particulars of a video shoot. Also remember that I need access with sufficient time to properly set up and test prior to the shoot.

Post production (editing and authoring) cost is dependent on the number of cameras, synchronization and editing requirements; a non-binding estimate will be quoted.

Note: you are welcome to hire me to do only video; in that case, I am not responsible for the sound.

I also do video transfer and conversion of most formats; please inquire.

Note: For complicated video shoots and streaming, I work with Asaf Blasberg, videographer - his email is

Do not hesitate to ask questions; this is a complicated subject!


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