Toys of the Trade

Martin Patrych
Memorial Studios
full service recording, editing, mastering, and restoration

Toys of the Trade

AKG-C12 (2), AKG-C24 (1), B & K 4003 (2), B & K 4006 (2), Calrec CM1050C (2), Lawson L-47MP (2), Microtech Gefell M-930 (1), Neumann TLM-50 (3), KM-84 (2), KM-140 (4), KM-130 (2), KM-131 (2), TLM-193 (3), USM-69, RCA 77-DX, Schoeps MK2H (3), MK2 (3), MK4 (2), MK8 (2), MK21 (3), MK41 (2), Sennheiser MKH-800 (2), MKH-20 (6), MKH-40 (4), Speiden SF-12 (1), Shure SM-81 (2), Sony C-38-B (2) and various other microphones.

Prism MMA-4 (4 Channels), Grace 802 w A/D-Dante Card, Grace 108 w A/D-Dante Card, Grace 201 (8 Channels), Hardy M-2, Millennia HV-3C, Weiss ADC-2.

DCS 904, Weiss ADC-2, Weiss ADC-1 Mk2, Prism AD-2, Prism AD-124, Mytek ADC-192, Mytek AD8-96, DCS 954, Weiss DAC2, Prism DA-1, Lucid DA96/24

Sonic Solutions Classic, Soundblade, Adobe Audition

Digital Processing
Harmonia Mundi BW102 EQ/Leveling rack, Lexicon 960L Digital Effects Processor, Sony DRE-S777 Sampling Reverb, TC Electronics M6000, TC Electronics M2000, Weiss EQ1-LP Linear Phase Digital Equalizer, Weiss DS1-MK2 Dynamics Processor, Z-Systems ZQ-X Custom Digital Equalizer, Digital Domain KK-2 Stereo Processor, DCS 972, Z-Systems SRC-3, Weiss DNA-1 Restoration Processor, Izotope RX-7 Advanced, Renovator, other hardware and software.

Analog Equipment
Millennia Mixing Suite, Dolby SR, Dolby A (8 channels), Dolby B (RR & Cas), DBX.

Digital Recorders
30+ recorders of various types and formats.

Analog Playback
Various Reel to Reel and Cassette players (Ampex, Studer, Otari, etc.)

Audio Formats Accepted
Digital: DAT, CDR, Minidisc, DCC, CD24, 8MM 16 Bit, 8MM 24 Bit, Nagra D, Dash 2 Track, Mitsubishi Pro Dig 2 Track, Sony 1630, PCM-F1, All Computer File Formats.
Analog: 2 Track 1/4" Reel to Reel (3.75 to 30 IPS), 4 Track 1/4" Reel to Reel (1.87 to 15 IPS), 4 Track 1/2" Reel to Reel (7.5 to 30 IPS), Cassette, LP, 78.


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