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During a session, I am always listening with a musician's ear, and can give general musical advice as part of my fee. If you need me to mark a score in a more traditional way, there is a $50/hr surcharge added to my regular studio rate - without that surcharge, I cannot follow or mark a score. You must also bring a hard copy of the score for that purpose; if you send a PDF, I can follow but obviously not mark, as I do NOT print scores. You are welcome to bring another individual in that role; their fee is your responsibility.

My day rate for Producing starts at $500/day - that is in addition to the Recording Fee, assuming I am doing both. If the music is not standard repertoire, I will need the scores at least 2 months in advance in order to study them; if the music is customary repertoire, then 1 month is sufficient. If there is a recording available then I should be provided a copy, even if it is not totally accurate. If there will be rehearsals close to the dates of recording, I will attend them if possible (no charge for this). This day rate does NOT include any editing decisions; I will NOT make editing decisions during a session, beyond very general impressions of basic takes for sections.

Project Producer:
The above rates are for sessions - they do NOT include any post-session listening, nor do they include edit decisions. If that is required, my fee as producer for a project is $6000 and up, depending on the specifics of the project. In that case, I will make all the edit decisions after the sessions, and create an edit list. Note that this fee is separate from the actual editing charges.

A note about producing: do not expect me to know the piece better than you do, especially if it is orchestral. Remember, I did not have the benefit of rehearsing and hearing the piece multiple times, so that while I try to listen for everything, it should be considered a collaborative effort. This is especially true of complicated contemporary music, which is why I need the scores in advance. In addition, please be clear about our interactions during the session, as I will not be intrusive unless requested. A meeting between the artist/music director and myself prior to the sessions to go over the music and discuss procedure is recommended; if there is a fee required for this, it will be quoted prior to the commencement of the project. Also note that if I am not engineering, the engineer and I have to be able to clearly communicate the take numbers; otherwise I cannot mark the score properly.

Fees for producing must be paid in advance, and do not include travel or lodging, as necessary.


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