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In Studio Video Services and Rates

I include up to 4 HD and/or one 4K video camera in the studio hourly rate. Video files are either .Mov or proprietary Canon files; If you have a problem handling those formats, I can convert them for an extra charge. The 4K camera natively generates MP4 files. Audio is fed from my studio audio setup; I can add reverb if requested, although I recommend adding reverb/processing in post.

The following services are available (at extra charge):
1. Audio Synchronization (if needed)
2. Multiple Cameras (I have 7)
3. Video Editing
4. Upload to Youtube or any other website

Please inform me of any particular visual requirements relating to your particular video (such as angle, framing, etc.), as I cannot know your requirements without your input. I am not responsible if you discover, subsequent to the shoot, that the video does not adhere to your requirements. Therefore, I encourage you to look at the shot prior to the shoot. Also, please remember that single camera videos are not editable; if you feel you will need editing (and the requirements for the video do not prohibit it, as is often the case with audition videos), you should strongly consider a multiple camera shoot.

I also do video transfer and conversion of most formats; please inquire. Such work is billed at $70/hour for analog video source and $100/Hr for digital video source. Please feel free to inquire if any of this is confusing, or if you need anything clarified.

A note about audition season videos: During November of each year, this studio is inundated with requests for audition video sessions for college applications, graduate programs and competition submissions. This is a stressful time for anyone auditioning, and the amount of work required of me in terms of post-session production is immense. Thus, the possibility of an error is multiplied exponentially, either from human error (rare, but possible), software glitches (uncommon, but it happens occasionally), or upload glitches (more common than it should be, alas).

Because of these possibilities and the high-level of importance of these videos, the following policy is in effect: No post-production within a 72 hour period of your deadline. So if you need your videos by the end of the day on Dec 1st, I need your decisions by the end of the day on Nov 28th. Otherwise, I will not have time to process your videos and/or be able to correct any possible mistakes or revisions. You are welcome to do sessions on Nov. 29th, 30th or Dec 1st if you wish, but I can only provide the raw files on media supplied by you for postproduction elsewhere. I will also not take responsibility if you do not proof your videos in suffcient time (the aforementioned 72 hours) to allow corrections, if needed (this almost never happens). The invoice must be paid prior to the release of any files; I will give you the final cost once the number of edited files is determined.


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