General Studio Information

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General Studio Information

Rates aren't negotiable. If something on the rate sheet is unclear, inquire.

There is a 1/2 hour minimum for both recording and editing sessions.

Payment must be made after every session by cash or check, unless specific arrangements have been made prior to the inception of the project. If you forget to bring payment for a session, that payment will have to be made prior to the next session. Note: NO files will be released until payment is rendered in full. This policy affects either physical media or electronic transfers; if you require immediate electronic files, I can accept Paypal or bank transfers as payment, which must be rendered prior to transfer.

The Steinway D is in recording condition at all times and its use is included in the hourly rate. Piano tuning and standby charges are not included. If the project is a commercial recording, you must have the piano tuned (I will arrange it). While the piano is quite stable, commercial recording is very demanding and precise; thus, I highly recommend that you hire my tuner for standby. I cannot guarantee perfect tuning otherwise, and you are responsible for the session regardless. If tuning and/or standby is not desired, a signed waiver confirming this decision will be required.

PLEASE NOTE: As taste in pianos is quite variable, I encourage you to come up and try the instrument prior to recording (I will allow a brief period for such an evaluation), to ensure suitability for your project. Commencement of the project constitutes your acceptance of the piano for your project. A signed agreement confirming this acceptance will also be required.

Warmup & Practice Policy: While I understand the need to warm up in order to familiarize oneself with the piano or the space, the time spent doing so is billable studio time. I will allow 15 minutes as a courtesy to warm up; billing starts after that initial 15 minute period. This policy refers to recording sessions in the studio only. If you need to rehearse or practice in the space, that fee is $50/hr - note that this rate does NOT include any participation by me in any way (such participation would be billed at the regular studio rate).

Cancellation Policy: While I try to be understanding about situations that might lead to a cancellation, chronic cancellations are disruptive. If you have to cancel more than twice, a 50% deposit will be required for any subsequent sessions two weeks in advance, which is non-refundable should the session then be canceled.

Rates do not include delivery or shipping; these charges will be billed at cost.

I can function as producer during sessions for an additional fee (See Producer page for details). If you wish to have a different individual in that role, that individual's fee is your responsibility and the studio rate remains the same. If you wish to bring your own engineer, I will have to approve them prior to the session (this will require direct contact with that individual). If approved, they will have to abide by the following conditions:

  1. The piano cannot be moved in any way.
  2. I am the only person authorized to move my microphones or any other aspect of the setup, including lights and video equipment.
  3. If they are bringing any of their own equipment, I will have to integrate it into my setup; no one else is authorized to change the infrastructure of the studio.
  4. I will be present at the entire session to oversee it.
The fee for any individual brought in to do engineering is entirely your responsibility, and the studio rate remains the same ($100/hr). There will be no exceptions to this policy.

Important note: There are two cats living on the premises. They are not generally allowed in the studio space, but those with allergies should be aware of their presence.

Additionally: This studio only does classical music production and is not able to do other genres of music. I can try to recommend other facilities, if needed. In addition, all bookings are done by phone or email. if you are calling, please be sure to leave a message, as I do not respond to calls otherwise.


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