Editing and Score Marking Information

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Editing and Score Marking Information

The best way to mark a score for editing is with a red Sharpie Pen or a red ball-point pen. Please photocopy scores (single-sided, please!) for editing; I may need to put marks and notes in the score during editing. If you must send me a list of edits in text, I will have to bill for the time to transcribe that list into a score.

Please mark the scores clearly using a T between the takes, as shown below:
In the above example, the T describes an edit from take 8 to take 5.

If marking a section that has repeats, mark the editing for the repeat under the staff (otherwise, editing is always marked above the staff). Always clearly indicate the date of the session if a piece was recorded in more than one set of takes (CD), or on different days.

I will take as much responsibility as is needed to make or help in editing decisions, but keep in mind that any time that I spend in that capacity is billed at the regular editing rate. Therefore, it is most cost-effective for you to make as many of the decisions as possible prior to editing. If I am making any editing decisions, please be advised that if you disagree with my choices, any re-editing will be billed at the regular editing rate. Please remember that any work I do alone is billed at the same rate as if you are present at the editing session. PLEASE be clear about your expectations - if you want to pick a basic take and then have me decide on repairs to that take, please inform me of that.

As a rough guideline for cost of an editing project, assume $5 per edit.

ALL editing that has a deadline must be paid in advance in full; I will estimate the cost and adjust it to reflect the actual invoice after the project is completed, and refund any unused funds. There will be no exceptions to this policy - I do not do deadline work without advance payment. Editing will not commence until the estimated payment is received. If you are not comfortable with this policy, you may take the files and have the project edited elsewhere, after full payment of the recording invoice. Non-deadline editing has to be paid after every 3 hours of work, with 3 hours paid in advance, unless I determine that the editing time will be less. Editing will not continue until all payments are up to date.

Editing and Mastering are separate services and are therefore billed separately; one is never included as part of the other service. You are welcome to have your editing or mastering done elsewhere, or I can do either one or the other, as needed. Remember that editing is never part of a recording quote; it is always billed separately by the hour.


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