Audio Services and Rates

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Audio Services and Rates

All in-studio services (Recording/Editing/Mastering/Restoration) - $100/Hr

Studio rates include use of both studio pianos: The Hamburg Steinway D and the American Steinway S. Piano tuning and standby rates will be quoted at cost. See General Studio Information page for piano and billing policies. Also, see Producer page for artistic services.

Analog services (Digitizing and Archiving - Analog source ONLY) - $70/Hr

Remotes (field recording)

Two-track concert recording - up to 2 hours - $350 (within NYC)
each additional hour - $100

Multitrack concert recording - $450 and up (depending on the particulars of the recording) - price will be quoted prior to performance.

CD Recording - Minimum $700/day (depending on the particulars of the recording) - price will be quoted prior to beginning of project.

Note that the rates quoted above are for the recording ONLY - editing and mastering are billed per hour subsequent to the recording phase; they are NEVER part of the recording quote. The concert recordings do include a raw CD of the event. Any post- production of concert recordings (accurate tracking, editing or sonic enhancement) is billed at $100/Hr

Rates do not include media or expenses (including parking), which are billed at cost. Note that remote recordings outside New York City will be billed a mileage rate of $1.00/mile (both directions, to and from), plus gas, tolls and parking. If the recording is beyond my driving range, transportation for both myself and any required equipment will have to be arranged and the expenses covered by the client. Lodging is the responsibility of the client, and will be required for any trip beyond 100 miles round trip. I require a minimum deposit of between 50% and 100% of the recording fee as well as projected expenses prior to travel (the actual deposit will be quoted depending on the particulars of the project), plus an expense stipend, which will also be quoted. I will not ship equipment or travel before the deposit is tendered. If it is determined that rental equipment is required (unusual but possible, especially for projects where shipping is impracticable), that cost is the responsibility of the client. Also note that I cannot be responsible for deficiencies in your chosen venue or limitations to my setup - if you require that I evaluate the space in advance for CD recording, my fee is $500 plus travel expenses, as outlined above. Should you choose not to have me evaluate the space prior to the concert or session, you are responsible for all fees regardless of the outcome. In addition, I need sufficient time before any remote recording to set up and test prior to the session or event; please keep this in mind. Also note that any free days that occur between sessions, travel days of more than 3 hours driving, or any travel by air are billable at the rate of $500/Day, which will be added to the deposit.

I can function as the producer during sessions (either Studio or Remote) if needed for an extra charge (See Producer page for specifics). You can have a different individual in that role; that individual's fee is your responsibility.

Video Recording - See In Studio Video Services and Rates and Remote (Out of Studio) Video Services Rates pages.

A note about storage of projects: As a rule, I always keep a set of materials of every project ever done here (or by me elsewhere) in my climate controlled storage room. While I do this as a courtesy for my clients at no charge, searching for materials can be very time consuming, as I have materials from thousands of projects. If you need me to find materials for a project older than a year, I will have to levy a fee to find the project; this fee will depend on the difficulty of retrieval. If you can provide the completion year of the project, it would be very helpful for the search.


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