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Welcome to Martin Patrych Memorial Studios

Welcome to the Martin Patrych Memorial Studios Website. Here you will find information on services, policies and billing. Please read all the relevant information; the policies contained within are in force whether you read them or not. Do not hesitate to contact me with questions. Click on the links to the left for more information. Thanks for visiting, and I trust I can provide for your needs!

Joseph Patrych is a recording producer and the owner of Martin Patrych Memorial Studios in New York, well known for many well-received recordings and videos of classical music. Mr. Patrych has worked as a freelance producer for many prominent record companies including Bis, BMG, Bridge, Centaur, Music & Arts, Nonesuch and New York Philharmonic Special Editions, and has worked with numerous world-class artists. His CDs have received many awards and nominations.

Mr. Patrych is a pianist, conductor, choral singer and audio/video consultant. In addition to his New York-based studio work, Mr. Patrych regularly provides recording services throughout the United States. He has designed and built recording and archival studios for Harvard University, the University of Missouri at Kansas City, the Edison National Historical Site, and the International Piano Archives at Maryland, as well as many private studios.

Summary of Fees (See individual pages for details)
All In-Studio Digital Services (Recording, Video, Editing, Mastering) $100/Hr
All Analog Archival/Transfer Services $70/Hr
Restoration $100/Hr
Out of Studio Services (including Video) $350 and up
Producing (in studio) $50/Hr surcharge
Producing (out of studio) $500/day and up

For questions:
Phone: (718) 367-5385
This is a landline, please do NOT send texts to this number.
Please leave a message if I don't answer - I will not call back otherwise.


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