Video Services and Rates


In Studio Video Services and Rates

I include a static (non-operator) single camera standard definition video in my in-studio audio rate, with audio fed from my in-studio audio setup (which is very good sound). Video is captured to DVD's and can be given to the client immediately after the session. No other files are generated during a session; I CAN generate most other types of video files for audition of the raw session, using automated software, for a flat fee of $60 per DVD (payable in advance). Such files are not certified for upload and may contain defects. Note that I cannot generate any audition files otherwise. Please note that any other work on the videos generated during a session are not included in the above fees. If you need tracks extracted from that session DVD for upload or transfer to another DVD, the fee is $50 up to 5 tracks and $10/track for each additional track (I will burn a DVD of those extracted tracks at no extra charge). You MUST inform me before the end of the session if you will require any type of file conversion (for example, if your computer doesn't have a DVD drive and/or you don't own a DVD player); otherwise, I cannot do it.

The following services are NOT included in that rate and will be billed separately:
1. High definition video
2. Replacement or synchronization of audio
3. Generation of any other type of video files during a session
4. Multiple cameras (I have 7 HD Cameras)
5. Video editing
6. Uploading to Youtube or any other website

Please inform me of any particular visual requirements relating to your particular video (such as angle, framing, etc.), as I cannot know your requirements without your input. I am not responsible if you discover, subsequent to the shoot, that the video does not adhere to your requirements. I encourage you to look at the shot before we begin; there is a monitor in the studio for that purpose. Also, please remember that single camera videos are not editable; if you feel you will need editing (and the requirements for the video do not prohibit it, as is often the case with audition videos), you should strongly consider a multiple camera shoot.

I also do video transfer and conversion of most formats; please inquire. Such work is billed at $70/hour for analog video source and $100/Hr for digital video source. Please feel free to inquire if any of this is confusing, or if you need anything clarified.


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